• Company name:
    SHIN Consulting Limited company
  • Headquarters:
    3-16 Minamihanabatake Aizuwakamatsu-Shi
    Fukushima Japan 965-0874
    Tel/Fax : 0242-26-5140
  • Tokyo office:
    5F Ginza Daiei Building, 1-16-7 Ginza, Chuou-Ku, Tokyo, Japan 104-0061
    Tel : 03-4360-8639
    Fax : 03-4360-8611
  • E-mail:
  • URL:
  • Establishment:
    January, 2005
  • President and Representative Director:
    Kazuo Hoshi
  • Capital:
    3 million yen
  • Overseas subsidiary company:
    SHIN CHINA Co ., Ltd.

  • Japanese major company IT dependent business and China IT system venture company
  • Domestic and foreign major consulting enterprise
  • Car company, Carrier, Medical equipment company, Distributive firm, High-tech equipment company
  • China Investment Bank, Enterprise related to Chinese Academy of Science, Taiwanese manufacturing
  • The United States sales companies

Business area

  • Global

Project execution country

  • Asia : China, Vietnam, Thai, Singapore, Malaysia
  • North America : USA
  • Europa : England, Germany, Italy, France

System of consultant

  • System of global agent
    (Operation and use of large area talent network with professional)

  • Management reform consulting
  • Rescue, Revives, Reproduction, Reform of ERP & SCM Project
  • Support and Contract of VMO & PMO
  • Development and Reform Consulting of Global SCM
  • Development of Business Management System and Consulting of use
  • Producing of global business making about New Business
  • Support of Change Management : Multi Language (Japanese, English, Chinese)
  • Employee Education Program
    (Project Management, IT Strategy decision, Management Strategy decision, and another)

  • We support the project plan and the development of in-house IT system.
  • We achieve the decrease of the IT maintenance cost.
  • We are cheap, early, and surely develop the IT system.
  • We solve the problem of the overseas factory management.
  • We achieve connected accounting, the speed management, and the risk management.
  • We support management by the use of IT information.
  • We solve the problem of the IT systematization project.
  • We support the start-up of a new business.
  • We execute the employee education as a proxy.
  • Theme: Use of information/Project management/Corporate strategy/Business plan
Global SAP ERP Implementation(English・PDF)